handgun (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Opelousas Police Department investigators were conducting a gun safety class at a local elementary school when Chief Perry Gallow says one of the officers was given a tip about the location of some guns.

Investigators says they found three guns under an abandoned house in the 900 block of Truman Street in Opelousas.

They recovered:

  • A SKS assault rifle 7.62 X 39
  • A Ruger 9mm semi-automatic handgun
  • A 38 caliber revolver

Police say they are still investigate to found out about where the guns came from and who they belong to.

Police Chief Perry Gallow press releases states,

"The information passed on to these students by demonstrating the seriousness of possessing as well as discharging a firearm is invaluable. Guns in the hands of children could and most times ends in tragedy."

He adds, "I am thankful to the US Attorneys Office, the Constable's Office of Baton Rouge, St. Landry Parish Supt. Brown, as well as all the principals of the local elementary schools for agreeing to these presentations."