The House Criminal Justice Committee has approved legislation that would allow off-duty police officers and concealed carry permit holders to bring handguns into restaurants that serve alcohol. Metairie Rep. Joe LoPinto sponsored the bill and says he doesn't foresee any problems that opponents of the bill are concerned about.

I think I have to agree with Rep. Terry Landry of New Iberia. He thinks having firearms in an establishment that serves alcohol is not a good idea. As he said, some people get ten feet tall when drinking. Of course when carrying a firearm and you have a concealed carry permit you are not allowed to use it.

As a licensed concealed carry permit owner you are forbidden to fire a weapon if you have had alcoholic beverages (to the best of my recollection from the class) so I wonder if you are armed, does your mind go into overdrive trying to decide to fire or not. Without firing you and other people might die. If you do fire and injure or kill a gunman or another civilian will you be ready for the red tape and possible, probable lawsuits?

So if you go into a restaurant while carrying (legally), have a beer or two and a gunfight breaks out what are you supposed to do? Pretend you don't have a gun maybe? I do see the point that if a gunfight breaks out and you haven't had a drink you might save a life or two.

To me this is a rock and hard place. What to do? I guess I'll take a chance and carry if allowed to or not if not allowed to....or drink if not allowed to carry.

Disclaimer: No facts were checked in the writing of this opinion piece and no opinions were injured.