On NewsTalk 96.5 KPEL's 'Brand Buzz' this week Jaci Russo discussed the effective use of comedy in advertising.

When asked why good comedy was effective Russo replied,

Funny campaigns resonate and they stick with us and so humor is an important tactic and people overlook it.

Russo went on to explain why the Progressive ad campaigns featuring 'Flo' were so effective.

It's been a great campaign and they've done it for cars, boats, bundling. They do a great job of telling you about the features that they share in very funny way that makes me want to watch an insurance commercial. That's not easy.

On Russo's blog, Razorbrandingblog.com a campaign for American Signature Furniture is highlighted and we asked her to discuss the campaign. According to Russo,

These are the kind of spots local companies could do instead of 'It's the 4th of July come and spend your money here because we're having a 25% off sale'. Do something like this. This is smart and funny.

Russo did have a word of caution.

It's got to be something that really represents your personality. If your corporate culture is not funny, don't.

To get more great information on branding and to catch the American Signature Furniture commercials she spoke of visit Jaci's blog www.razorbrandingblog.com.