Todd Starnes, Fox News commentator and award winning journalist visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' and discussed among other things a sci-fi movie, 'Sharknado' and the George Zimmerman murder trial.

Neither of us had seen the movie been Starnes gave us a quick re-cap,

Probably one of the worst B-movies ever made.  It involves climate change, that's the undercurrent.  But it's about giant tornadoes ravaging Hollywood but in these tornadoes are sharks.  The sharks fly out of these tornadoes and then they eat unsuspecting Hollywood stars...The sharks did not eat elderly people swimming at a retirement home so it seems like sharks will not eat food past it's expiration date.

Turning to a more serious topic we asked Starnes for his views of the George Zimmerman murder trial and Starnes said,

 Based on the evidence that I've seen and I've been watching the trial.  I understand now why the police department chose not to press charges.  It was pretty clear to me that at some point this guy was defending himself from Trayvon Martin.  I think people need to understand that pictures that came out early on were the 12 year old version of Trayvon and not the full-grown version of Trayvon.  I think based on the evidence I've seen I think he should get off but honestly I don't think he will.

Listen to the interview: