Fox News Commentator Todd Starnes joined 'Mornings With Ken & Bernie' today and discussed comments made by Chris Hayes and others on MSNBC yesterday.  Hayes said he was uncomfortable calling soldiers killed in action as "fallen heroes".

Starnes said, "Any person who signs a piece of paper that says 'I am willing to lay down my life for my countrymen' is a hero in my book.   I don't care if they are a man, a woman, gay or straight that's a hero."

Speaking about those that would say our soldiers are not heroes,

"These people are effete, pseudo-intellectual types who think their methane emissions don't emit odor".   In addition Starnes said, "Here at Fox we don't put up with that baloney.  We have people here on staff who have served in the military.  Many of us have relatives in the military so we know what it's like to have our loved ones in harms-way."

Listen to the interview: