Award winning journalist and Fox News Commentator Todd Starnes joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and discussed senseless violence, moral decay and political correctness.

Noting a spate of black-on-white violent crimes of late Starnes said,

For some reason this President, the race hustlers in America, the mainstream media, they don't want to talk about it.  They turn a blind eye but that doesn't mean it's not happening.  This is a very disturbing thing because these are random acts of violence.

Starnes went on to say,

I talk about this in my column this week and I decided not to address the race issue because I think there are various components to the problem.  The thesis of my column is that we are raising a nation of savages.  We are raising young people without a moral compass.  We're raising young people in homes that are broken that many of them do not have a father figure.  When you tie in this culture of violence that we have in our entertainment industry, when you put all of that stuff together I think we've reached a point where kids are just bored.  They're tired of blowing things up and killing things on the television.  Now they want to do it in real life.

Starnes noted that an upcoming episode of 'Law and Order SVU' on NBC has a plot line about a Paula Deen type character shooting a black teenager wearing a 'hoodie' and said,

The racist vitriol that comes out of NBC and the networks that they own is outrageous...They do these story lines that are somehow based on real-life events but this goes beyond that.

Starnes had a lot more to say including comments about President Obama's apparent lack of concern for white victims of black crimes.  You can hear those comments and more by listening to the interview:

Todd Starnes is conservative Southerner living undercover in that bastion of liberalism, Brooklyn, New York.  He likes his tea sweetened, his biscuits buttered and his chicken fried.

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