The name of Fox NewsRadio's Todd Starnes' first book is, "They Popped My Hood And Found Gravy On The Dipstick"!  The book chronicles his diagnosis with a gravely serious heart ailment and his need for surgery.

In the book, Starnes tells how when he was thirty seven his doctor informed him he would have to have his aortic valve replaced because it was failing.  That's were his adventure begins.  In the next few weeks he underwent surgery, started his recuperation, lost his parents and then ran the New York marathon!  If you think you would have quit, others might agree, but Todd just kept using scripture to battle for what he wanted.

Todd gives the KPEL morning team a summary of what he wrote about in the book, and he gives a detailed account of his journal to better health, a better life, and his strength in the Lord to see him through his trials.