You know that Todd Starnes is always going to have something interesting to tell us and today was no different.  He stopped by Mornings with Ken and Bernie to talk about the shutdown of Hostess.  That means no more Twinkies, Ding Dongs or Fruit Pies.

Starnes told us how this happened,

They had two unions they are working with and they literally turned over their books, they said 'guys, here's what we're looking at.'  One of the unions looked at the books and said, 'Holy Crap!'  But this other union said, 'No, we do not want lower wages and we're going to go out on strike.'

After this, Hostess told them that if they did that, then the company would be closing permanently.  Starnes said,

Get this, guys, the unions would rather have no wages than lower wages.

Starnes went on to talk about some of the companies that are also reacting to Obamacare and the new costs that will be coming into play next year as the President's Healthcare law goes more fully into effect.  Starnes mentioned that profits for one Papa John's franchisee would fall from 10 percent to 2 percent.

Starnes also had a discussion with us about Honey Boo Boo and PETA and what happened when the reality star got a chicken.

Listen to the entire conversation with Todd Starnes below: