Award winning journalist and Fox News commentator Todd Starnes was a guest on ‘Acadiana Morning News' with Brandon and Bernie and discussed the Starbuck's Christmas cup controversy, his hopes for the Fox Business Network GOP debate, and the 2nd annual Todd Starnes' All American Christmas on the Fox Radio Network.

Todd compared the controversy over Starbuck's decision to remove Christmas imagery from cups to florists and bakeries forced to serve same - sex couples.

People are wanting to stage boycotts and hashtags and all this kind of stuff, and I get that. There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding bakeries and florists that don’t want to participate in certain ceremonies, and I’ve been defending those bakeries and those florists, and I say they have a right to run their businesses as they want to. So here’s my take on it: we ought not to be telling the bakeries and florists how to run their businesses, and we ought not to be telling Starbuck’s how to run theirs. If you don’t want to go there, don’t go there.

Todd also said he's looking forward to the GOP debate tomorrow night on the Fox Business Network.

It’s going to be a great debate. After that debacle on CNBC, I think we’re really going to get down to specifics and what candidates believe when it comes to economic policy, and that’s something no one’s talked about. I’m tired of the 'Jerry Springer-styled' debates.'

Click the image above to listen to the full interview, including details about Todd's second annual All - American Christmas that will be featured on Fox News Radio.