So, Tom Benson recently bought the New Orleans NBA Hornets for approximately $335 million.  I just wonder what the final cost will be for the Louisiana taxpayer?
Over the years the Louisiana taxpayer has built the Superdome, given concessions to Benson to keep the New Orleans Saints in the Dome, rebuilt the Superdome and remodeled the Suprdome.

This really makes me wonder how much money does a man have to make to be satisfied, in addition how much money does a man have to extort from the Louisiana taxpayers to be satisfied?
What’s next for Benson?  Do we build a new arena for the Hornets?  Do we remodel the current arena?  Do we begin a fund to pay Benson to keep the Hornets in New Orleans when he gets a better offer?

I think Benson has made enough off the Louisiana taxpayer.  No more guarantees, no more loans, no more subsidies.  You bought the team so it’s yours to keep up.  Get your hand out of my pocket.