Tommy Ford—known for his role on the '90s sitcom "Martin"—is currently on life support at an Atlanta hospital.

UPDATE: Tommy Ford has passed away.

Ford recently had knee replacement surgery, asking his fans to pray for his recovery.

Even though it seemed as if the surgery had gone well and Ford was on the road to recovery, the actor was hospitalized on Sunday after an aneurysm ruptured in his abdomen and his health has declined ever since.

According to his wife, Ford is on life support and TMZ is reporting that he isn't expected to make it through the day.

Ford starred in all five seasons of "Martin" as the calm friend who was known best for claiming to have a job that no one had ever actually seen him working at.

In addition to appearing in other television shows, Ford also wrote children's books that promoted lifestyles free of drugs and violence.

We will keep you updated on Ford's condition.

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