KPEL personality Tootie Landry is back with a whole new segment: “Off the Grid.” It’s a segment where she goes places and does things you either don’t know about or are not willing to do.

In this edition of "Off The Grid," Tootie gets to see an IceGators game from some very special seats!

"Hey! I'm Tootie Landry and this is 'Off the Grid!'

I had not been to a hockey game since the glory days of 90's. So I decided it's time to go! I contacted Louis Dumont the General Manager of the IceGators and explained to him I was interested in doing a Commentary.

You may remember Louis from being a successful hockey player himself. Wow! Did Louis give me the hook-up! In other words he gave me a ticket to the game. And not just any ticket, I got to watch the game from inside - the penalty box! OMG!

I couldn't wait for someone to come visit me! It's so busy in the box. There were announcers, clock keepers, players in 'timeout,' and ME!

As players began to enter the box, the Mother in me wanted to fuss at them for not playing fair. But instead I asked them, 'Who's your Daddy?'

Even intermission was fun watching the Zamboni machine. How fun would it be to drive that down Camellia and get ticketed by a red light camera?! At this point I'm trying to look important in the box, kinda like an Official. So I decided to grab a roster and attempt to learn the players names. As I'm glancing, I notice there are players from all parts of Canada, Alaska, Slovakia and Youngsville! How did I not know this? I live in Youngsville!

And finally, this family fun event could not have gone any better! Besides the Icegators winning 5-4, a guy named Wilson came by twice to visit me! But the best part of all - I got to leave with all my teeth!

And I'm Tootie Landry and I'm 'Off the Grid.'"

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