Ragin' Crossfit

In this edition of "Not Necessarily The News," Tootie Landry decides to check out the craze that is Ragin' Crossfit!

"Hey! I’m Tootie Landry and this is what I found out today! With the popularity of exercise programs like Crossfit, I decided to go by Ragin' Crossfit to check it out. This place is like a family, so I thought maybe I could join their team. Everyone was very friendly and cheered me on! They said anyone can do this, so I dove in… watched them! I can’t be sure, but I think I even broke a sweat! These people look like gladiators!

My extra 10 pounds does not belong here. I’m watching people young and old, male and female hanging from rings, climbing ropes, and flipping on bars. I felt like I was watching auditions for Cirque du Soliel.

I’m so out of shape I think I tore my pec muscle by watching them warm up and stretch!

The workouts are in 2 categories. One is named after soliders who have died and the other is named after women. Curious about these other women, I inquired. Aaron explained to me the female workouts are named because it leaves you flat on your back and breathless. I mean I’m just sayin’…

And finally, all those years I paid my dues at Reds, at least I got my money’s worth… at the snack bar! And I’m Tootie Landry and this is “Not Necessarily the News!”

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