A lot of weird things have happened in Louisiana in 2013. So, let's take a stroll down memory lane and look at the Top 11 best weird news stories that happened in Louisiana this year.

  • 11

    Pants Thieves on the Loose in Shreveport

    Forget money, jewelry, or electronics.  A pair of thieves steal a pair of pants.

    Pawelmaslag, Instagram
  • 10

    Discipline problems? There's a glue for that.

    A Lafayette teacher got in hot water for gluing her students to their seats after they wouldn't stay in their seats.

  • 9

    Pregnant or Not Pregnant?

    Two women walked into a Bossier City Walmart and took pregnancy tests off the shelf and walked into the restroom.  They walked out without the pregnancy tests.  No word on the test results...

    Dennis Foley
  • 8

    Bucket-Headed Bandit Burglarizes Restaurant

    Criminals are always working hard to hide their identity from security cameras while committing crimes.  One man decided his cover would be a bucket.

  • 7

    Louisiana Man Arrested Wearing Tin Foil Hat; Threatened To Torch Schools

    No, he’s not the Tin Man, just a Louisiana guy wearing a tin foil hat threatening to torch schools.

  • 6

    Princeton Woman Swindles $100k From Grandmother; Doesn’t Call It “Stealing”

    A Princeton woman admits to taking over $100,000 from her grandmother, but denies that she stole from her.

    Bossier Financial Crimes Task Force
  • 5

    Ugly mobile home? Burn it down.

    Many communities are undertaking beautification efforts to improve quality of life, but one man decided to put beautification in his own hands.  He burned down a nearby vacant mobile home because he thought it was ugly.

    Scott Olson, Getty Images
  • 4

    Woman was struck by lightning in supermarket

    During a thunderstorm, you are always advised to go indoors, but for one woman, even being inside wasn’t safe enough.  Lakeisha Brooks was standing on the checkout line at a Houma supermarket when a she was struck by lightning.

  • 3

    Death Row is too hot

    A death row inmate from Shreveport isn’t satisfied with the conditions in his prison cell.  He’s joined two other death row inmates to sue the State of Louisiana over it.

    Island, Getty Images(Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images)
  • 2

    Real-life Grand Theft Auto

    Many would argue the Grand Theft Auto video game series offers too real of an experience, but an Alabama man didn't think it was real enough.  Baton Rouge police officers arrested the man after he stole a woman's car and struck other vehicles with it.

    Cate Gillon/Getty Images
  • 1

    Cookie Cake Attacks

    Have a feud with a few family members?  Did your father buy you a cookie cake for your birthday?  Well, the two came together when a Haughton man attacked his father with a cookie cake his father bought for him.

    Elizabeth/Table4Five / Flickr