My friend Asche gets asked frequently by friends from her native Portland, Oregon why she stays in Louisiana.  Her answer can be summed up as "Festival International".

This was Asche's status update on Facebook today:

:: A lot of people ask me how I can go from a place like Portland, Oregon to Lafayette, Louisiana and actually want to stay for years. This is my response (Shows link to Festival International):   This (festival) is worth it. It's like Saturday Market on steroids. It's like the fantasy musical I've always wanted to live. It's happiness. Get in the streets, throw your hands up, and dance with an entire city to the soundtrack of the world. Have fun, people! Happy Festival! ::


And you, Asche, represent the kind of people we like having in Acadiana: those who know how to let their hair down and have a great time with locals, visitors and "transplants" alike.

Happy Festival, Asche; we'll see you Downtown!

(Via Facebook)