Bernie and Brandon were joined by Louisiana State Trooper Brooks David this morning during 'Acadiana's Morning News' to discuss safety precautions to take after a vehicle crash has occurred and a variety of distractions that can keep a driver from safely operating a vehicle.

Trooper David offered suggestions for remaining safe after a crash has occured. 'Louisiana law states that if you’re able to move your vehicle off a roadway, you should move it as soon as possible to avoid secondary collisions. If you’re injured and can’t move it, someone else can move it. As soon as possible, troopers will move the vehicle if it can be moved. Stay in your vehicle if you’re injured. The safest place is out of the vehicle off the roadway.If  it's nighttime, put on hazard lights to warn oncoming traffic that vehicle is there.'

Trooper David also described some of the distractions drivers face most when operating a vehicle. 'Distractions in the vehicle like texting, playing with the radio, and passengers can lead to a crash. Every passenger ups your chance of getting in a serious crash up to 20%. Drivers should pay attention at least 20 seconds down the roadway.

Click the photo above to listen to the full interview, including Trooper David's advice regarding accident reporting and tire - changing.