Trooper Stephen Hammons, Public Information Officer for State Police Troop I visited 'Mornings With Nathan and Bernie' this week and discussed:

  • School Bus issues
  • Flashing headlights to warn of speed traps
  • Calling *LSP to report wreckless drivers
  •  The issue of whether or not you have to stop when a school bus stops when traveling in the opposite direction.  According to Hammons,


As of two years ago you are no longer required to stop on a multi-lane road so two or more lanes traveling in the same direction divided by that center turn lane is now classified as a divided roadway with a physical separation. The key there being 'with a physical separation'. Now it looks at like it would if there were a median or a division like a barrier wall.

A NewsJunkie called in and asked Trooper Hammons if it was illegal to flash your vehicles headlights to warn oncoming traffic of the presence of a police car ahead.  Hammons replied,

The time it would be illegal is from dusk til dawn or those times in which you would be required to have your headlights on. By actually flashing your headlights would be in violation of having your bright lights while passing another vehicle.

You can listen to the entire interview to hear more about the school bus topic, flashing headlights and calling *LSP by clicking the blue arrow below: