Trooper Stephen Hammons, Public Information Officer for State Police Troop I visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and answered questions from e-mail sent in by KPEL NewsJunkies.

One listener asked if a person required to have an ignition inter-lock device on their personal vehicle due to a DWI conviction would be required to have such a unit on a work vehicle especially an ambulance or fire truck?  To that Trooper Hammons said,

Yes, you would be required to have the inter-lock device on your personal vehicle and any other vehicle you would be driving...Another part of the equation is if you get caught driving a vehicle without the inter-lock device and you are required to have it, you will be arrested.  Not ticketed.

According to Hammons the inter-lock device is not only required when the vehicle is started,

I think it's every 15 minutes or so you have to blow into the inter-lock device to prove that you have not been drinking since starting the vehicle or you didn't just have a sober vehicle blow into the unit to start the vehicle for you.

Another NewsJunkie e-mail questioned the laws concerning a person driving after brain surgery after a stroke and seizure.  Hammons replied,

We are not usually updated on medical conditions of drivers but while investigating an accident the driver had a seizure during the crash or other medical condition that led to the crash.  In those cases we fill out a driver review form and submit it in to Office of Motor Vehicles so they can decide whether or not that person can keep their driver's license or not.


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