Trooper Stephen Hammons, Public Information Officer for State Police Troop I visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today fielding several questions from listeners.  One listener wrote in by e-mail and asked if inspection stickers were required for boat trailers or utility trailers.

According to Trooper Hammons,

We are not going out and issuing tickets for not having an inspection sticker for your trailer or your boat trailer.  Certainly you are required to have one.  You could be issued a citation for it.  There was an internet rumor that was started that we (State Police) were going out to boat launches and locating boaters and actually issuing them citations and that's not true.

With Trooper Hammons saying an inspection sticker was required for your boat trailer one caller questioned where a person would place the sticker.  Hammons replied,

It does not have to be on the trailer itself.  It would have to be on the actual registration.  That's usually where we tell people to place it.

Trooper Hammons went on to note,

You are not required to have separate insurance for a boat and trailer when it is being towed.  They are considered to be extensions of your vehicle.

Hammons also said it is incumbent on the person buying a trailer to insure that it has an inspection sticker even if it is bought new.  Hammons had a lot more great information and you can hear those comments and more by listening to the interview: