Louisiana State Police Police Trooper Stephen Hammons Tuesday morning discussed some of our driving pet peeves, and it was apparent many of our listeners had some of the same pet peeves.

One listener said it irritates him when drivers don't use acceleration lanes on interstates to get up to interstate speeds, but Hammons cautioned that such lanes should be used to merge with traffic safely.

"If in approaching the interstate to merge on you see that if you were traveling at interstate speed that you would be unable to safely merge in your lane, then certainly traveling at a reduced speed until you can make that lane change and then accelerate would be accessible," Hammons said. "However, you still can use that lane to accelerate up to interstate speed."

Another caller expressed concern that impatient drivers frequently pass her on the should or in the center turning lane while traveling on Ambassador Caffery Parkway.

"One, you cannot pass in a turn lane, and also, you may not use the shoulder for passing," Hammons said.

Other questions included the speed limit on Interstate 10 near the cloverleaf interchange, the legal requirements for window tinting, and the department's fleet of Chevrolet Tahoes. Hammons also clarified to another caller that speed limits change at the posted limit sign and are enforced that way.

"You want to make sure that you are paying attention ten to 15 seconds down the road for speed limit signs which may be reducing," Hammons said. "Even though you are traveling in a 70 mile an hour zone, you are still required by law to reduce your speed from 70 down to whatever speed you would be approaching."

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