Trooper Stephen Hammons joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and said new rules in place for turn lanes will determine how drivers react to stopping school buses.  New traffic laws went into effect August 1st and Hammons said the law regarding turning lanes is the most confusing.

Trooper Hammons said,

"Vehicles traveling on a multi-lane road with a turning lane but without a median do not need to stop for a school bus traveling and stopping in the opposite direction.  However, drivers on a two lane road with a turn lane will still have to stop when a school bus is boarding or unloading students in the opposite lane."

In regards to after market zenon or blue headlights Trooper Hammons said they are illegal if they appear blue when seated in the drivers seat.  According to Hammons factory zenon lights only appear a bit blue to oncoming drivers and when viewed from the drivers perspective appear totally white.

Listen to the interview: