Trooper Stephen Hammons visited on 'Mornings With Ken & Bernie' today and informed us of a high speed chase yesterday in which an Alabama motorist eluded troopers until he hit the rear of an 18 wheeler.  Hammons said originally officers tried to stop the man for following too closely but in the end was charged with eleven different offenses including assault on an officer.


Bernie described to Trooper Hammons her experience this past Saturday where she and other drivers had to avoid a person driving a rental truck recklessly.  Bernie said the driver swerved from side to side in the right lane of traffic, then the left lane and finally took up some of both left and right lanes

After Bernie described the incident Trooper Hammons said,

"It's good to call *LSP or even 911 depending on how dangerous the driving is.  We may not have a trooper or sheriff's deputy there to respond immediately but we can relay information to the next jurisdiction in an effort to stop the driver."

Before closing we asked Trooper Hammons about the legality of gray plastic shields placed over license plates that in effect prohibit a plate from being photographed.  Hammons reaffirmed that covering the license plate in any way is illegal in the state of Louisiana.

Listen to the enitre interview: