Trooper Stephen Hammons, Public Information Officer for State Police Troop I visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and discussed rules relating to school buses, headlights, license plates and more.

According to Hammons there's still confusion about whether drivers should stop for school buses.

What we're running into is a problem with people who know the law and continue past a stopped school bus on the other side of the road and people who don't know the law and are stopping in the road and that's causing a problem for a people who do know the law!

Hammons said,

The problem arises when a person who may not realize that they are allowed when driving on a multi-lane road divided by a center turn lane or other physical separation that they may proceed past a bus if the bus is on the other side of the road...What's happening is that people who do not know the law are still stopping in some instances they are being rear-ended by someone who knows the law.

Answering a question from a caller about the use of headlights during a rain storm,  Hammons said,

The law says when your windshield wipers are on because of rain use must turn on your headlights and not just the daytime running lights because using running lights does not turn on your tail-lights which makes it difficult for drivers approaching you from the rear to see you.

Listen to the interview: