The 2012 Hurricane season starts this Friday and Trooper Stephen Hammons says now is the time to prepare.  Today on 'Mornings With Ken & Bernie' Trooper Hammons suggested everyone go to to get an evacuation plan in place before the storm.

According to Hammons one of the first things everyone should do is put aside some cash in the event they would be stranded out of town.  Preparations should be made for pet care, things to keep children occupied while traveling and for an extended out-of-town stay.

For insurance and replacement purposes Hammons recommended, "You should take the time to write down serial numbers of pieces of electronic equipment, maybe video tape items in your home".  "With cell phone having quality video cameras it is easier than ever to document items that might need to be replaced."

Hammons also reminded everyone to also plan for an extended drive back because of traffic congestion.

Listen to the interview: