Trooper Stephen Hammons, Public Information Officer for State Police Troop I visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today fielding several calls from listeners.

Our first caller asked how long new residents have before they must purchase Louisiana license plates to which Hammons replied,

30 days is the time limit and there is enforcement of the law.  The problem we face is detecting how long a vehicle has been in the state.  Without actually stopping a driver and questioning them we have no way to know how long a vehicle has been in the state.  Unless they break another law such as speeding we have no way to determine if they are delinquent in purchasing Louisiana plates.

Our next caller asked why police officers could break the law in regards to tinted windows with some police vehicles having windows so deeply tinted it could not be determined who the driver was.  Trooper Hammons replied,

Actually if you take a look at that law what you'll find is a section that provides exemption for police officers...Police officers have substantial amounts of weapons and ammunition in their vehicles.  It would not be advisable to have some people walk by a police vehicle to see that stockpile.  In the case of undercover officers it would defeat the purpose of being undercover if a suspect could see and identify an officer.

Hammons also addressed unmarked vehicles using red or blue lights in pursuit and the use of medians as turnarounds during pursuit of a vehicle.  You can hear those comments and more by listening to the interview: