Hurricane Season 2016 officially started last Wednesday. Mother Nature jumped the gun with two named storms before the official start of the season. Bonnie has once again gained Tropical Depression strength and is expected to move out into the Atlantic after messing up Memorial Day weekend along the eastern seaboard.

This first weekend in June forecasters are keeping a watchful eye on an area of disturbed weather that is centered just off the eastern Yucatan Peninsula. As of early this morning forecasters have given this area of disturbed weather an 80% probability of spinning up into a tropical cyclone. Should this system get strong enough to attain the status of tropical storm it would be given the name Colin.

The tropical forecast models are projecting this system to move northeastward out of the Caribbean Sea and into the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Forecasters believe the system will continue on a northeastward track eventually crossing the coast somewhere in Florida. That landfall will most likely take place between Panama City and Tampa Bay.

As many of you along the Gulf Coast know tropical systems do not always listen the guidance of the National Hurricane Center and there is always the possibility that there could be a change of direction or a change in forecast intensity. Our rule of thumb is to keep you updated as necessary any time a tropical system or potential tropical system enters the Gulf of Mexico.