Hurricane Ingrid has been the quietest hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico that I can remember. Normally a hurricane, tropical storm or depression in the water that touches our shoreline will create a sense of anxiety through out Acadiana. Ingrid is not doing that. That's because the forecasters really feel like Ingrid will be of no concern to the northern gulf.

The current track from the Hurricane Center suggests that the forecasters are very confident in Ingrid's path. In fact a landfall along the Mexican coast is expected later today. The current stats on the storm show a sustained wind speed of 75 mph, that is minimal category 1 on the Saffir Simpson scale.

Wind will not be the biggest issue with Ingrid. The mountainous terrain in that part of Mexico combined with the abundant rainfall will no doubt create massive flooding. Residents of that area are being warned and evacuated ahead of the tropical downpours.

The rest of the Atlantic basin is fairly quiet. The remains of Humberto are still at sea and could reform as an extra-tropical system. It poses no worries to the U.S. mainland at this time. Let's hope the rest of the tropical season stays as quiet as the first half of the season did. We are now past the peak of the season and on the down hill run to cooler temperatures of fall.