The peak of the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season is basically upon us. To look at the satellite photos of the tropical Atlantic  you can really the see the activity. There is Tropical Storm Edouard, plus two other areas of disturbed weather The National Hurricane Center is monitoring.

Tropical Storm Edouard has grown in less than 24 hours from thunderstorms to tropical depression and now to tropical storm strength. The current position of Edouard is in the far east Atlantic and the reliable guidance models suggest this system will not be of any consequence for the United States coastline.

There is also another area of disturbed weather that just rolled off the coast of Africa. The current forecast for this system does not call for much intensification over the next five days.

Closer to home, we should all keep a cautious eye on the third area of disturbed weather which this morning was centered off the east coast of Florida near the northern Bahamas. This system is expected to cross the peninsula of Florida and into the Northern Gulf of Mexico over the weekend. The Hurricane Center forecasters give the system a 40% chance of strengthening into a tropical cyclone over the next 5 days.  The forecast models do show the system moving westward across the Gulf.