A Baton Rouge judge heard the arguments regarding a lawsuit about next week's US Senate debate in Ruston.

The judge ruled against Acadiana candidate Troy Hebert's argument that a government-funded organiziation like Louisiana Public Broadcasting should not exclude candidates from the debate.

LPB and the Council for a Better Louisiana are hosting the debate on, and they only invited five candidates even though there are 24 names on the ballot.

Their criteria to be asked to participate is at least 5 percent in recent polling along with at least a million dollars in campaign funds.

Hebert argued the $1-million dollar threshold for participation was exclusionary.

A Southern Media Opinion Research Poll conducted Sept. 15-17 lists the following candidates as rounding out the top five:

  • 17% --- John Neely Kennedy (R)
  • 15% --- Charles Boustany (R)
  • 11% --- Caroline Fayard (D)
  •  9% --- Foster Campbell (D)
  •   8% --- John Fleming (R)