The Wingin It Wednesday segment on today's "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" targeted three issues: the Texas Governor putting in his special session call a bill aimed at stopping "groping" at airports, the latest with the ATF and the new graphic pictures depicting the health dangers of smoking.

The three panelists, Warren Caudle, Carol Ross and Mike Stagg all had a different take about what has occured in recent months at the ATF.  The acting director of the ATF is likely to resign as Kenneth Melson is feeling the heat to step down after guns linked to an ATF program were used in a shootout that killed a U.S. Border Patrol agent.  "Operation Fast and Furious" allowed illegally purchased guns into Mexico.  Carol Ross wondered why Mike Stagg was trying to "blame" the operation on former President George W. Bush.

Panelists got really into a discussion about  Texas lawmakers considering the so-called TSA Bill during a special legislative session.  Governor Rick Perry says it relates to the prosecution and punishment for the offense of official oppression on people trying to access public buildings and transportation.  Basically they each got to give their opinion on the searches that happen at airports now if you don't want to go through the x-ray machines and/or if you are randomly selected for a "pat-down".

Health officials with the FDA have unveiled graphic new tobacco warning labels.  Officials from the Health and Human Services introduced them at the White House.  The graphic new labels include images of dead bodies, mouth cancer, diseased lungs and a man on a ventilator.  The panelists wonder if it will really make a difference.