This edition of Eat Lafayette takes us to Tsunami on Jefferson Street, Downtown.

Tsunami is one of those restaurants that has it all: location, atmosphere, service, creative dishes, unique and diverse flavors - all while being locally owned and operated.

At Tsunami, the chefs are never just coasting along; they are consistently tasting, testing, searching and researching for the latest trends and emerging ingredients to keep Tsunami ahead of the game.

Heather had the chefs at Tsunami put together a few different dishes for us to showcase in the video, most of which I had not yet sampled: The Poke Bowl (they've redesigned it!), the Don Tuan, the Yummy Yellowtail, the Pork Porterhouse and, for dessert, the Praline Swamp Pop Float.

Edible art to marvel at - Tsunami.

The video above will be able to show you what we sampled at Tsunami, but you'll have to go in for yourself to get the full experience!


(Youtube/99.9 KTDY)