Dozens of folks within 26 states are battling with salmonella after an outbreak in ground turkey.  Fox NewsRadio's Jennifer Keiper gives the latest updates on what the FDA knows, and she has some thoughts on safety.

Keiper, who has been following the story for Fox News, tells "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" that the reported cases actually started coming in during April, but information about what was happening has been slow in coming.

As far as meats, and in particular, ground turkery, health officials say to prevent salmonella bacteria from entering your body, you always need cook meat throughly.  Turkey meat should be cooked to 165 degrees.   

Obviously Keiper says, that always maintaining sanitary working and preparing conditions are paramount.  She says there are certain brand names and dates to consider before you take that ground turkey out of the freezer to throw it onto your grill.