Two men were arrested in New Iberia after police say they broke into a woman's home.

It happened just after midnight on Thursday when the woman called police, saying that the two were in her home.  She says she found them after hearing a noise in her living room and deciding to see what caused it.

She said that the two chased her to her bedroom where she locked herself in.  They tried to come in after her unsuccessfully, before leaving the home.

The woman described the two men to police and they began their search.  When they encountered the two, they ran from officers before being captured.

The two, 22-year-old Antonio Olivier and 22-year-old Keevan Daniels, were arrested.  Olivier was charged with the home invasion and fleeing police.  Daniels has not yet been connected to the home invasion, so he faces charges of fleeing police.

The two are in Iberia Parish Jail.