Lafayette Metro Narcotics Task Force members recently wrapped an investigation of two Lafayette businesses, Food World and Jr. Apple Tree.

Officials say they received several complaints that synthetic marijuana was being sold out of those locations.

Ratib Abuelouf and Nemer Baber Abuelouf were both arrested on the following charges:

  • Possession with intent to distribute Schedule I
  • Monies derived for drug proceeds
  • Firearm with a control dangerous substance
  • Possession of a stolen weapon

Yesterday narcotics agents executed search warrants at the two locations one at 330 South Pierce Street and 332 St. Pierce Street.

Agents say the recovered 1.851 grams of synthetic cannabinoids along with 26 grams of marijuana.  They also recovered a stolen weapon.

Police say the street value of the synthetic marijuana is around $37,000, and the value of the regular marijuana is $138.

During their investigation agents found out that one of the men had a storage unit.  When they searched it, they found another 1,132.5 grams of synthetic cannabinoids with a street value of $22,650.