Scott Police arrested two men for their part in a kidnapping incident that occurred Wednesday.

Scott Police Chief Chad Leger reported 21-year-old Chris Stoufflet, of Scott, and 20-year-old Jacob Russo, of Youngsville, were arrested after they allegedly forced a juvenile into a vehicle after he got off of a school bus.

According to witnesses, the suspects were armed with a baseball bat and a large knife. They forced the victim into a vehicle and then drove to a nearby trailer park where the victim lives.

The suspects told police the victim may have been responsible for a recent residential burglary.

Stoufflet admitted to using the weapons to force the victim into the vehicle, while Russo said he only accompanied Stoufflet.

Stoufflet was charged with aggravated kidnapping; Russo was charged with principle to aggravated kidnapping.

Both subjects were booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.