If you think that law enforcement won't catch you for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, you would be wrong if you look at two cases from early this morning.

Just after midnight, deputies working on Highway 90 in the Centerville area saw a woman fail to yield to emergency vehicles, and the woman was pulled over.

A deputy says he saw Lynette Hatten of Patterson stumble as she got out of her car to take a field sobriety test.

The deputy says the 34-year-old woman did poorly on the test, and she later registered a 0.140 % on her breathalyzer test.

Hatten was arrested for DWI and failure to yield to emergency vehicles.

About a quarter after 1 o'clock this morning, deputies working on Highway 90, again in the Centerville area, saw 26-year-old Sergio Jimenez Sanchez of Shreveport speeding when an emergency vehicle came by.

Sanchez did not change lanes for the emergency vehicle, and he hit the brakes; that's when the car skidded into the median.

The deputy saw an open case of beer and several empty beers cans in Sanchez's car.

The officer tried to give Sanchez a field sobriety test, but the deputy says he was too drunk to take the test.

He later blew a 0.129 % on his breathalyzer test.

Sanchez was booked on the following charges:

  • No drivers license
  • Possession of open alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Failure to yield to emergency vehicles