These pro-life bills are part of the Governor's 2013 Legislative Package.

“In Louisiana, we think it is incumbent upon us to promote a culture of life and to protect those who cannot protect themselves," says Governor Bobby Jindal. "We also believe that we must protect the health and welfare of our pregnant women by ensuring they receive the care they need.”

Rep. Valerie Hodges, Facebook
State Senator Fred Mills submitted photo

In a bill by Representative Valerie Hodges, it is now considered child abuse for a parent or any other person to coerce a female child to undergo an abortion. The bill defines “coerced abortion” as the use of force, intimidation, threat of force, threat of deprivation of food and shelter, or the deprivation of food and shelter by a parent or any other person in order to compel a female child to undergo an abortion against her will.

Also, in St. Martin Parish Senator Fred Mills' legislation, a physician licensed in obstetrics and gynecology must be physically present when a patient is administered a drug or chemical to induce an abortion.

"What it basically does, it prevents any type of dangerous practice of telemedicine for the purpose of inducing an abortion, a chemical abortion," says Sen. Mills. "That's when a woman is given a certain type of pill called RU486, and it induces an abortion. Some states have it legal that this can take place without a doctor physically present to examine the lady, and it can be done all remotely through telemedicine...By passing this legislation...we do not have this practice in Louisiana, it will not be allowed."

The bill also requires that the doctor give the patient instructions to return for a follow-up appointment to assess the woman's medical condition.

"I think as more technology evolves, I think in Louisiana you will see more requirements (of clinics)...I think you'll continue to see legislation to regulate these clinics because we continue to get calls that some of these clinics are not properly run," says Sen. Mills. "So I think you'll see more legislation on the licensing and permitting of clinics and I think they'll be more to come but it's in a very orderly way that's done where it can withstand a court scrutiny."

Any person who knowingly or negligently performs or attempts to perform an abortion without complying with proposed legislation will be subject to a fine of no more than $1,000, per incident, imprisoned for not more than two years, or both.

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