A Patterson woman and a Franklin man have both been arrested after an incident on Saturday, June 2nd.  St. Mary Parish Sheriff's deputies arrested 21-year-old Shazia Gaudet of 130 Judy Lane in Patterson and 20-year-old Tyler Sultan of 427 Ninth Street in Franklin.  The two of them are facing charges of unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling.  In addition, Sultan has also been charged with criminal damage to property.

St. Mary Parish Sheriff's officials were called out to 2130 Hebert Saturday night after the people living there say Gaudet and Sultan went into the home at that address without permission to get Gaudet's children.

Deputies says Sultan broke the glass on the door, and then he went into the home.  Police were called to the scene, and both Sultan and Gaudet were arrested.  Gaudet's bond was set at five thousand dollars and Sultan's was set at six thousand dollars.  After bond was met, both were later released.