Two Shreveport teenagers were mugged at a park while trying to find Pokemon on a new smartphone app. That’s according to the mother of one of the teens, who says her son and a friend were getting out the car when they were approached by two men asking to borrow a cell phone and out of nowhere they punched the friend in the face. She says two additional men came up on the scene.

“Then these two black dudes get out of the car behind them, which they noticed were there when they drove up, acting like they wanted to help him get up. Next thing you know they pulled a gun on them and said give us all your stuff.”

The mother believes the thieves were looking to steal from people in the park playing the Pokemon Go game, which is similar to a scavenger hunt. She says police used another smartphone app to locate where the stolen phones could be.

“They’ve got the two boys, they’ve got the car, they identify them, they recover the cell phones, which they’d already taken the SIM cards out of. We don’t recover the wallets but they had the debt cards in their pockets.”

Shreveport Police says 17-year-olds Santana Smith and Gabreon Green were arrested and charged with First Degree Robbery and authorities are still searching for two other suspects. The mother says many gamers are taking to different parks to find the Pokemons. She says her son did not know Columbia Park was a dangerous place and wants parents to be vigilant of where their kids are playing.

“Know where they’re going. Make sure that you ask where they’re going and let them know where they’re going before they go so the parents can say whether this is safe or not.”