Delcambre is the home of the Shrimp Festival, the Port of Delcambre and while there are only a little over 2,000 people that live in the town, they will have the duty this Tuesday, November 6th of deciding whether they want incumbent Mayor Carol Broussard or challenger Jeff Leblanc to be the Mayor for the next term.

As of publishing this post, we were still waiting to hear from Mayor Broussard for an interview.  We did, however, get a change to get an interview with challenger Jeff Leblanc.

When we asked him why he wants to be Mayor of Delcambre, Leblanc says he actually gets that question a lot.  He says, "The town of Delcambre has enormous potential. A lot of people don't realize what an incredible infrastructure, asset package we have.  We have the Delcambre canal which is probably one of our biggest assets.  We have a big company that is located at our port and they employee one hundred people shipping things all over the world."

Leblanc says he thinks that, as Mayor, he would do a great job of leveraging all of the resources of the town of Delcambre to make the city grow in a positive way.  He says he also plans to use his own experiences to help Delcambre. Leblanc says,

" I was the President of the Twin Parish Port Commission, so I already have experience running a governmental entity, or body if you will. Most of my career has been in the compute industry, and I have the fortunate experience in working for three fortune five hundred companies in a business development type capacity.   I also have hands on economic development experience, I worked for LEDA, and I was the general manager for Tech South.  I worked at UL as the program manager for Access Louisiana which was a program for the state economic development department, and I was also a committee chair for ZydeTech, the Great Lafayette Chamber of Commerce's technology program."

Leblanc says he has been working hard, and he says he is ready to take on the position of the Mayor of Delcambre.