Internationally recognized security, terrorism and intelligence expert Kerry Patton joined 'Mornings With Ken & Bernie' today to discuss intelligence operations in Africa.  The U.S. military is expanding secret intelligence operations across Africa to spy on terrorist organizations across the Sahara and into the jungle near the equator.

We asked Patton how 'secret' could these operations be if we were asking about them?  Patton replied,

"That's the best point anybody can make right now.  They are not secret at all because again this is just another leak dropped into the public domain by this Administration.  These leaks are by far endangering the lives of all of those involved who are operating abroad on behalf of the United States."

According to Patton we've had these types of operations for years but this is the first time they have been made public.   He went on to say that he thought these leaks were an effort to boost the President's machismo image on the international stage considering his economic policies have been utter failures.

Listen to the interview: