Helping the Gulf Coast survive future catastrophes. That's the mission of two partnerships that are being launched, with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette being right in the center of it, according to this article.

First, in an effort to provide all-hazards emergency preparedness training, the UL NIMSAT (National Incident Management Systems and Advanced Technologies) Institute is partnering with Safety Management Systems, an Acadian company. The goal of their partnership is to be able to provide education and training on disaster preparedness for both the public and private sectors. Site-specific disaster response consulting will be provided by SMS as the program will feature Incident Command Structure training courses, as well as other helpful courses.

Also, in an effort to provide world-class training on oil spill response, the UL Marine Survival Training Center is teaming up with American Pollution Control and The Response Group. Classrooms and training facilities will be provided by UL Lafayette's MSTC as the two companies, who are considered leaders in oil spill response and helped in a major way during the recovery from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, will provide equipment and industry experience.