The UL System Board of Supervisors decided to give universities in their system the ability to change fees for parking on campus if they decide too.  UL Student Government Association President Ashley Mudd tells KPEL that now the school will have the ability to raise the fees from 25 dollars a semester to 100 dollars a year, from fall to fall.  She says, "the school has not yet talked about raising the fee'.

Southeastern Louisiana University is the other school that received permission to increase their annual fees for parking for students.  Mudd says, "the vote basically allows each institution in the system to increase the fees up to 100 dollars per year at their own discretion."

With the Board of Supervisors deciding to give schools the power to go up on fees, they say the money will used for repairs, maintenance, and the operation of parking lots along with walkways plus student transit systems.  Mudd says the Board decided on this move to get each university in the system to come in line with what the other schools have the ability to do without having to go to the Board each time for a vote.

If approved by UL Lafayette at the local level, it would mean students would be paying more for parking this fall for the term of a year.  Those fees would come on top of the expected 10 percent fall tuition hike across the University of Louisiana's nine-college system. The University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors voted in earlier this year for the tuition hike.

Mudd says the Student Government Association of UL Lafayette has been "reviewing fees that the University charges for everything to see if they are being used for their intended purposes, along with making sure they are still needed".