University of Louisiana at Lafayette Facilities Director Bill Crist joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to outline parts of the UL Master Plan.

Two major projects are set for construction with completion due by fall of 2014.  According to Crist,

A new six-story parking facility being built across from Parker hall will accommodate 1,150 cars. It will have a 'liner building' along the front with a mix of commercial/academic space facing Lewis Street.  The garage itself will have 700 permanent spots in it with another 400 to 500 paid spaces.  Permanent spaces will be permitted parking for the year but not designated spots.  If a student doesn't have a permit they can pay an hourly rate.

Construction of the parking garage is a multi-purpose undertaking as noted by Crist,

The purpose of building this parking garage is to get rid of a lot of surface parking we have on campus and to create more green space and more bike paths....It's part of the UL Master Plan and it's one of the first big projects to be undertaken.

Another project that is vital to the UL Master Plan is construction at Cajun Field.  Crist said,

Some parts of the Master Plan were identified as critical and had to be done right away.  The addition to Cajun Field is part of the preliminary phase to the larger project at Cajun Field which is scheduled for the future.  We have to add those seats in the south end zone at this time so that in the future in subsequent phases we're going to be taking seats out of the upper deck.

In all 5,900 seats will be added to the south end zone at Cajun Field along with additional restrooms and locker rooms.  According to Crist the projects will be completed using no state money but will be funded by the sale of bonds, self assessed student fees and auxiliary revenues.  Both projects, the parking garage and additions to Cajun Field should be completed by fall of 2014.

Listen to the interview: