We've all had that moment - where something looks so tasty, and you want it so bad, that you are willing to overlook minor details, like the clearly marked expiration date. And that twinge of 'But is it still safe to eat?' comes into play. Keep it or Toss it? But how do you know?

Our friends at StillTasty.com has your ultimate guide to expiration dates, and whether your food is still safe to consume. All you do is type in whatever item you need to check on, and voila! The true shelf life is revealed. This is awesome, and where has this been all my life?!

For instance, I typed in 'cooked rice' and it told me that it lasts 4-6 days. This is going to make life so much easier, because now we have a definitive answer on what is ok, and what is not ok, to eat. They also have cool info about food safety in general - like, is it ok to put hot food directly into the refrigerator.Try it! And thanks so much StillTasty.com!