Utah was the scene over the weekend for an event that was sure to bare the feelings of it's participants...among other things.  Those taking part were protesting the "uptight" laws of their state.  The organizers of the event said that "baring all" was not an option, so those that were taking part were dressed in bras, underwear, boxers, swimwear and the like.  Really, it sounds as if it was no different than what you might see mid-summer at a waterpark.

I have no problem with the idea of protesting things you don't like.  I can even support something like this because regardless of what you feel about the individual issues, those taking part were largely doing so in good taste, covering up what was needed.  There were even those having fun with it, dressed up in style as their favorite superheroes.  No word, of course, if they were wearing the accompanying Under-roos.

Protests are as American as Apple Pie and let's face it, if you do something that gets you media, umm, exposure, you're doing well.  The important thing is to keep it clean and make sure that you are protesting in a way that respects others.  An event like this is similar to an annual event in New York City that gives people something to smile about.  I'm talking about the No Pants Subway Ride, put on by the group Improv Everywhere.

A protest like the one in Utah is a great way to get people to smile and bring attention to whatever you see fit to protest.  Just don't expect me to take part if you organize one.