This week on "Wingin' It Wednesday," Warren Caudle and Mike Stagg joined "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" to discuss the United States' involvement with the crisis in Ukraine as well as Senator David Vitter's comments regarding the prosecution who have committed food stamp fraud.

Here's what the panel had to say:

1. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia's foreign minister are expected to meet today to discuss ways to resolve the Ukraine crisis. Russian president Vladimir Putin seemed to signal on Tuesday that he's holding off on deciding whether to take military action in Ukraine. What should be America's invovlement?

Warren Caudle started us off:

The short answer is very, very little.
Yesterday I was listening to Limbaugh and he was saying something about how we “we don’t have the military leadership to take military actions like we should” or something along those lines. Where are these people coming from? Do they really think this is something like Hitler invading Poland?
What’s happening in Ukraine is a duel between the old guard and the new guard. The eastern part considers themselves Russian.

Mike Stagg Concluded:

There’s a set of maps, 22 maps, on the history of that particular piece of geography. Ukraine is a relatively modern concept. During the reign of Stalin, there were mass forced migrations of people. It was in the 50s when Khrushchev gave the Crimea to the Ukraine. They’re kinda taking it back now.
If Putin and Russia go to use military force it will not workout. You can’t force a government on to people and expect it to last. The United States should not have a military role there.


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2. U.S. Sen. David Vitter has been calling for the criminal prosecution of those who allegedly defrauded the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services SNAP program back in October. Your thoughts?

Mike stated:

If Mr. Vitter is going to be so insistent on people being held accountable on their misuse of government property, I think he should account for using his government issued cellphone to make calls to the DC Madam, which was proven by the Associated Press. If this tower of moral rectitude is going to come down on poor people, make him come straight with his stuff first. I don’t think he wants to go there.
But this is about him running for governor, not about anything else. This is nothing but politics.

Warren stated:

This thing is totally overblown. I don’t know why Vitter has jumped out so hard on it. I don’t think it will help him in his run for governor. To me this has to do with a private business and the decisions they made.
You’ve got a problem with the food stamp program, it’s a farm program. The farmers love it. They don’t care if there’s fraud. Just as long as the money is going through there.
I think Vitter is off on the wrong picture if he thinks this will help him get elected.

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