More information is coming out on a former youth minister accused of storing child pornography. This morning, KPEL reported that Eric Manuel, formerly of St. Thomas More High School, had to go to court today for the charges. Prosecutor Stephanie Finley says he was sent back to jail. State Police have been investigating since Manuel was arrested a week ago by Kaplan Police. Troopers say they've found thousands of child porn images in Manuel's house. Authorities say while reviewing the images they found many victims in the Acadiana area and around the state. Police say he was able to get the pictures by using the alias of a 14-year-old girl he named Emily Brant. Officers say he alleged used social media networks to not only get the pictures, but to also send inappropriate images as well. When Manuel was arrested, he was the owner of a video production company called Half Back Media.Anyone who has had contact with Manuel or his persona Emily Brant is urged to call State Police. The identities of any victims in the case will be protected.