An update to this story.

Yesterday, Governor Jindal signed two bills into Louisiana law yesterday. The bills were SB 330 and SB 708. The new bills have been in the books of this past legislative session since the beginning.

After signing the bills Governor Jindal said, " These new laws will help us foster a greater culture of life in Louisiana and ensure that we continue to protect the weakest and most vulnerable among us.”

SB 330, by Senator Rick Ward, entails that anyone who is not a licensed abortionist caught performing an abortion will be considered in violation of a crime. The law basically creates a new charge that can be given to people accused of performing the abortion. The new charge is called aggravated criminal abortion.

SB 708, by Senator Sharon Weston Broome, requires that women listen to the fetal heartbeat via ultrasound and that the images be shown prior to an abortion.