They've got their man. Earlier this week, KPEL reported that Scott Police were looking for a person of interest in a home invasion that happened January 16th.

James Leblanc was picked out of a photo lineup by four children who were in the house he later admitted to robbing. Authorities say Leblanc and his accused accomplice Brian Veronie barricaded the four children in a closet before they left the house.

After searching Leblanc's house, all police could find was a sawed off shotgun. During an interrogation, police say not only did both men admit to burglarizing the house, but Veronie admitted to stealing copper welding leads from a house in Scott about a month before.

Authorities say both men told them they had already gotten rid of the stolen items and a possible location where the items may be. If you have any information about where the stolen items may be, you're asked to call the Scott Police Department. Both men are being charged with the burglary and for barricading the children, while Leblanc will also be charged with possessing an Illegal Unregistered Gun.